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Can't connect to my plex media server from iphone app

blacksnowblacksnow Members Posts: 12
edited August 2013 in Windows

When I connect to my Wifi I can see the server. But I would like to be able to use this outside of my network.


I can see the plex media server on MYPLEX. 


Also I've used www.canyouseeme.org to verify port 32400 is open. 


Not sure why I am unable to connect from my iphone app when not on the wifi network.



Any help would be greatly appreciated!








Using my phone on the cell network I am able to access the plex media server by doing (externalip:32400/web/index.html) the login screen pulls up. Now I'm lost. Why don't it connect to the server using the app!


  • blacksnowblacksnow Members Posts: 12

    Sorry everyone I am retarded. 

    When I originally signed into 'myplex' with the ios app I didn't have my server published to myplex. After I published the server to myplex I had to log out of the ios app and then log back in.

    Working fine now

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