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Show us your Plex setup!



  • labguytoddlabguytodd Posts: 135Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    Slava Ukraine!
  • johnod1983johnod1983 Posts: 37Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass


    My PMS setup:

    Top box:

    Core i7

    16Gb RAMM

    Windows Server 2012


    Synology DS1814+



    Cyberpower CP1350PFCLCD

    The LanBoy case is my Gaming Computer 

  • michrechmichrech Posts: 1Members

    I don't have any pictures of my setup, and it's a WIP (as many of us can probably relate to), however:

    The 'heart' consists of an HP Z800 with:
    -2x Xeon X5677
    -32GB DDR3 (8 4GB DDR3)
    -3 240GB SSD (primary datastore)
    -4 1TB HDD (my current storage pool)

    The Z800 host OS is ESXi 6.0. It houses three VM's that run 24/7.
    -VM1 -- my "IRC" server (it has smuxi-server running)
    =2vCPU, 2GB RAM, 40GB vHDD, Windows 7 (this server previously also ran a Synchronet BBS)

    -VM2 -- my "gaming" system
    =4vCPU, 6GB RAM, 160GB vHDD, Windows 8.1
    =This system also has a Radeon 6970 and a pair of USB ports attached via "pcipassthrough". I use a USB<->Cat5 extension, and RapidRun part #'s : 42419, 42422, 42405. These connect to a Dell 24" 16:10 monitor mounted on a wall in a corner of my living room. This is where I game / do 'general' computing stuff

    -VM3 -- WHS2011, PMS, Sonarr, sabnzbd
    =4vCPU, 4GB RAM, 160GB vHDD, WHS2011
    =This system has a dual port USB3 controller and an Intel 82801J1 6 port SATA HBA attached via "pcipassthrough".
    =I use StableBit Drivepool for my storage pool. I wanted the functionality of a Drobo, but not the price of a drobo.

    Other than my laptop, which sees hardly any use, there are no other computers in my house (that are put together / active -- I need to get all that crap sold off!)

    My livingroom TV is a 40" Samsung LCD TV. It has a Onkyo TX-SR507 receiver, two Polk R50's for the front R/L, a Polk CS20 center, and two Cambridge Soundworks 6.5" in-wall speakers for the rear.

    My bedroom TV is a 42" Vizio LCD TV. I have another Onkyo receiver (and older model) with a couple Awia bookshelf speakers (came with a "bookshelf stereo", but the stereo part was stolen quite some time ago).

    In the livingroom, I'm currently using an Amazon FireTV Stick for Plex / Sling / Netflix, and I am not happy with it for Plex use. I want to switch to something like the Intel Compute Stick, but I can't find ANY info on how well it works for PHT, especially when it comes to passing DD/DTS along to my receiver.

    In the bedroom, since that TV is rarely ever used (usually for an hour, or so, each night while I'm winding down for bed), I have a Chromecast. I moved the Chromecast in there because it can not handle 1080p content without overheating (which causes it to pause every few seconds, after a second (or two) of video playback). Since I only ever watch TV shows in there, and those are generally 720p, it fits that space perfectly.

    I also occasionally stream to my Samsung Note 10.1 (2014 edition), or to my laptop, when I'm traveling, but since I have a 400GB monthly bandwidth cap, and a tiny 5mbit upstream, I don't share the server with anyone.

  • StephRSStephRS Posts: 50Members ✭✭

    I've upgraded my living room since I've moved to Delft. Still got the Samsung 40" TV, thinking of replacement in early 2016 though, perhaps someone got ideas?

    What's new:

    • Yamaha RX-V479
    • Dali Zensor 1 (4x surround)
    • Dali Zensor Vokal (center)

    Now it's time for cable management and such ...

    enjoying PLEX

  • - NaDs- NaDs Posts: 551Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    edited January 2016

    Upgrade to a 75 inch 4k Samsung UA75JU7000W - Very happy

  • bryanfryebryanfrye Posts: 1Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    And I thought mine was overkill...

    Server setup right now is a HP DL580 G5, 4x 77xx Xeon, 128gb ram running esxi 6 and vcenter goodies. PMS VM is 8 cores and 16gb ram setup and I've streamed up to 8 or 9 devices in house plus 12 friends connected and never a stutter. Storage is a supermicro something 15x 2tb ZFS for about 22tb usable storage. Each has 4x 1gb ethernet lacp port channels through the cisco switch.

    Living room is Samsung 65" plasma wired, kids room 55" samsung lcd. Have vizio 32" in the bedroom with firetv stick. Also have an older 720p projector on a pole behind the hot tub with another firetv stick and 4x bose powered outdoor speakers.

    Just got permission from the wife to rebuild the garage into a proper mancave... so been amazoning and ebaying like crazy for a new projector, server rack, 4x 18" subs, bose in-wall x7 and I'll repurposes the older rackmount white-box in the pic above as the player. Not the prettiest of pictures because i was trying to visualize how everything would fit before I started the project, but I've been yanking those shelves down over the last 2 weeks and insulating/drywalling the whole garage. Will have 2 arcades, server rack, pinball and an old 50's coke machine converted to working beer fridge on the back wall with the 12-15
    ' wide screen above it (fun 12' garage ceilings). Also repurposing 3x older 40" tv's with more firesticks for streaming live games while the projector shows redzone with a couple 22" monitors for scoreboards in the corners.

    Really please ignore the mess. It's taken a year for me to get the wife to finally go through all of the boxes on those shelves we've moved from house to house over the last 10yrs and now that almost all of them are empty those shelves are gone, server rack build in progress and there will be cabinet storage above the arcades that the projector will shine on. Don't really care that's it's not movie theater quality because well, it is a garage and 90% of the watching on it will be a dozen or so guys screaming at football while sloshing beer all over the floor... so...

  • shlomis39shlomis39 Posts: 3Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Nearly embarrassed to write my setup...
    1 Hyper-V server that runs a PMS (2012 R2 Core for OS) which has 16 cores, 2.9Ghz on a dedicated SSD Samsung PRO 250 GB (VM is blazing fast).
    2, 6 TB WD Black in RAID 0 (backup through crashplan), effective 10.9 TB of storage. (network is all CAT 6 and Gigabite wireless)
    capable of serving up to 8 local and external connections

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