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Roku 3 vs. PS3

So I wasn't sure if I should post this in the DLNA section or the Roku section. It's more of a Roku question than a DLNA question. Basically I want to find out if the Roku 3 is going to be my best option for solving my current problem. I like the Roku 3 so far best out of all my options but if it solves my plex problem too then I am going to buy one no questions asked.


Anyway, I currently have a PS3, I have no plans of getting a PS4 or Xbox ONE, but currently I stream my Plex videos to my PS3 via the built in DLNA. I experience ALL KINDS of buffering issues. The video will play for 5 seconds then buffer for 10, play for 5 buffer for 10 for the entire video. I mainly play my blu-rays that I have saved in mkv format, so we are talking like a 25 GB file here. But my server is more than powerful enough and I am using a completely wired network. I don't have the issue if I use my laptop and use the web based player. So I have narrowed it down to something with the PS3 that is causing the issue. So my question is will I have this issue with the Roku? I originally thought it might be a lack of power of the PS3, but it could be just an issue with the way DLNA works. Not sure. Thoughts.


Thanks for the help!




  • mattius604mattius604 Posts: 9Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    My Roku 3 still has buffering issues with some very large mkv files, but in general switching to "Transcode" or a quick reboot of my server fixes the issue. Im talking very large Remux files, everything else is fine.

    You'll like the Plex interface on Roku more than Ps3 lists as well.

  • Terry ToweTerry Towe Posts: 613Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    To me, the leading options (outside of a computer for PHT) are Rokus and GTV boxes.  Personally, I would just pick one and try it:  you can pick up a Roku at Walmart, Rokus and Sony GTV boxes at Best Buy, either way if what you try is insufficient just return it.

    FYI, I can run a 10.6Mbps movie without buffering either wired to my Sony GTV or wireless to my Roku 3, I don't have anything higher bit rate than that.

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