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simonjhogan's PLEX Client for LG Smart TV



  • amwjujoamwjujo Members Posts: 19 Plex Pass

    @Gdr56 said:

    @jasonnroth said:

    @amwjujo said:
    For me since the last updates, sometime the stream just stops suddenly without any errors.

    I'm having this exac same problem. We will be watching something and it will just stop. We restart it from where we left off and it continues playing just fine. Seems to be happening more frequently as well. Sometimes multiple times during the same show. Any ideas?

    Please reply with following info.

    PMS version, Tv model and year.

    File type avi mkv. Are these causing the issue.

    Have you got secure networks disabled.

    Tv app, settings/network/ server address and port

    I think this issue is PMS related and got nothing to do with the version of Netcast.
    For example, most of my files are .mkv and I've notice that this issue occur when some other clients on the network are active(they're playing something).
    I'm afraid that with every PMS update that we will have in the future, this app will slowly start to lose functionalities. Too bad that Simon didn't decide to continue with it's development. I know that the official one is free, but lately we've noticed that if you don't have a TV with newer OS version - webOS - the developer won't pay attention that much to older TV's - like Netcast .
    I don't think there are many of us that change the TV when new stuff come up the market so an alternative is always welcome.

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