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Adding External Hard Drives Over The Network on Plex

I have been all over the internet looking for a way to solve this problem and have not found anything. So maybe you all can help me out.
I'm currently using a mac mini to store all my movies on and have it set up on a router so i can stream my movies over FTP. That works all fine and great but not all my movies can fit on the mac minis internal hard drive. With that I added an external hard drive to the mac mini connected over firewire 400. What im trying to do is have plex recognize the external hard drive and play the movies off of it. I tried adding and alias of the external drive into the Shared Folder > Drop Box where i have all my other movies that plex sees and is able to play but plex did not pick that alias up. So if any of you could give me some pointer of what i need to do would be very helpful. Thanks so much.

P.S. Plex is the best!


  • snowtiressnowtires Posts: 169Members ✭✭
    edited September 2009
    I'm trying to do the same thing, myself. I'm trying to setup my G5 to act as a server and serve up all of the external hard drives, which are now currently on my laptop (which is connected to the TV). I've gotten as far as adding my G5's FTP as a source, but there's nothing in it. I would LIKE to connect to the FTP and then add the hard drives from there, but I have no clue how. I mean, I DO no how, I just don't know how Plex goes about doing something like this.
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