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[REL] Str2Utf-8

dane22dane22 Posts: 10,565Members, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Plex Ninja
edited January 2016 in Plex Channel Plugins

This is the official thread for an agent named srt2utf-8


If you are having the problem, that national characters in your subtitles, that are not embedded in the movie, but either downloaded by yourself and put next to the movie (Sidecar SRT) or a subtitle automatically fetched by the  Open-Subtitle Agent, are displayed as garbage, then this Agent might be the answer for you!


In short, it'll make sure, that your subtitle files are encoded in utf-8, so national character-sets doesn't show as garbage in the players


If you are having problems with this plugin, then feel free to post a Question in this thread, but I urge you to at least read the manual first


Find it here:



 or simply install via the Unsupported AppStore V2 



Version releases

25 jan 2015 V0.0.2.2 released

15 jun 2015 V0.0.2.1 released

03 dec 2014 V0.0.2.0 released (Added support for the Open Subtitles agent)

02 sep 2014 V0.0.1.9 released

15 juli 2014 V0.0.1.7 released

                   V0.0.1.6 released

                   V0.0.1.5 Release notes

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Join me in developing: epg-dk, str2utf-8, remidx, ExportTools, WebTools
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