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Plex for Blackberry Playbook

Tomson99Tomson99 Posts: 2Members, Plex Pass
edited June 2014 in Plex for Android (old)

I apologize if I am re-opening an old can of worms but I was unable to find the answer to my questions elsewhere in this forum. 
I have purchased Plex for Blackberry Playbook (version on Blackberry Appworld last week but have been unable to connect it to my MediaServer. Everytime I start Plex on the Playbook it states that I am not connected to any networks (which is incorrect, I am connected via WiFi and any other application I have uses the connection successfully). Rebooting the tablet or even connecting to different SSID's did not make a difference. I tried both 2.4 Ghz as well as 5 Ghz connections, both unsuccessful. 

The playbook is running the last available O/S ( 

I have seen anecdotal mention that the latest upgrade of Plex might not work on Playbook anymore, which would be unfortunate but if that is the case, it is what it is. Can you please advise whether there is a fix available or how I would proceed to get a refund?

Thank you.



Update: So I did get a reply from Plex support (thank you guys) stating that 1) Yes, Plex is not supported on Playbook anymore and 2) Because the transaction has been done through the blackberry payment server they couldn't issue a refund. 

While I understand 1), I am having a bit of an issue with 2). The application is being sold via blackberry world, funds must flow back to Plex, why should I, as a consumer, have to battle RIM for a product that they simply resell. I would assume this to be settled by the vendor, i.e. maker of the software. Am I wrong? 

That being said, it's not about the $5 at all, more a matter of principle but I don't expect to get anywhere with this so let's put it to rest.

I am able to use plex (yay) on my playbook by opening the browser and connecting to the IP Address of the computer running Plex. http://w.x.y.z:32400/web (replace w.x.y.z with the IP of your plex machine). A bit clunky but workable.


  • RubberBrokeRubberBroke Posts: 9Members

    Like you I also have the latest Plex version on 2 of my playbooks. While it works on my internal network the client is not able to login to myplex which breaks the remote access capability for which I paid. I too am looking to get a refund if it is not fixed by months end. This problem started late December and I think 2 months is enough time to get it fixed. 

    I seem to be getting the idea that since playbooks are a very minuscule market the developers don't really care which is quite sad since they took our money for the app.

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