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#41 Nickdima



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Posted 20 April 2011 - 03:41 PM

I would like to use my iPhone as a remote to control what is playing on my iPad. Generally while it is plugged in, it is on the other side of the room and I don't want to have to get up to change the movie that is playing, I'd rather just use the remote on my phone.

+1 for that!

Now that the iOS app has TV out I can use my iPad as a player connected to my tv but it will be totally awesome if I could control the app running on the iPad from the Plex app running on my iPhone so I don't have to go to the iPad that's sitting next to my TV each time I want to pause, change volume, etc.

#42 kaveh



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Posted 25 December 2012 - 01:57 AM

I love love LOVE the new Plex iOS app :) Great work! I have just two suggestions:

The Remote:
The one thing that really gets on my socks is that, when you have a device that can display anything and make anything a button, using it to emulate a static 7-button remote limits the functionality to that of.. well, a static 7-button remote. I want my remote to have all the functionality of the plex app itself. I want to be able to browse my movies, my TV shows, and tap on whichever one that I want my TV-connected-plex to play. Same interface for the remote control that I get when I'm using the main Plex iOS client. And when I start playing a video, rather than it bringing up the video player, it gives me the play/pause/skip/etc controls, auto stream controls, subtitle controls, and a timeline scrubber to skip to a specific point. You could do away with the static 7-button display entirely. A good example of this is the Comcast iPad Remote app that's been advertised a lot lately. When you start it up, it doesn't give you channel up/down buttons and a number pad -- it gives you a full network listing and show schedule, and you tap on the show you want your TV to switch to. Much better remote control concept :)

I haven't confirmed this, but it seems like what's happening when I use AirPlay on the iOS app to play a movie on my AppleTV from PMS on a different computer, PMS is sending the video first to my phone, which is then sending it over the AirPlay protocol to my AppleTV. It would be oh so much slicker if the iOS app could detect that both PMS and the AppleTV are on the same local network, and instead instruct PMS to AirPlay directly to the AppleTV without using the iDevice as a man-in-the-middle. Note that I'm aware of (and loving!) the native AppleTV Plex client, but this would come in useful in a large range of scenarios :)

Seconded, a scrubber in the remote (like XBMC) would seemingly be trivial to implement but incredibly useful.

#43 zonian



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Posted 29 December 2012 - 08:03 AM

-- Launch Mac Client App

-- Toggle Full Screen on Mac Client (I have a cordless mouse but not keyboard available for my media center. Sometimes I need quick access to the Mac desktop. I would also love a full-screen toggle that I could do from with-in the app, keyboard-less)

-- Force a library rescan. (For a new file that was added remotely. This would also be nice on the Mac client)

+1 for the above three features

Particularly the Lauch Plex App on Mac (or bring it to foreground)

#44 grahams



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Posted 29 December 2012 - 10:57 PM

I'd love an option that would hide descriptions for unwatched TV episodes. The ATV client has this and it is a great way to avoid inadvertent spoilers.