1.9.0-M3 Is Crashing the App



The new version of Serenity is not stable at this time on the Fire TV when referring to "Last selected category is remembered until next restart of the app" from the 1.9.0-M3 update. The Serenity app will intermittently crash when selecting a category by backing out to the XBMC (rooted) home screen. In addition: the app does not remember nor highlight the category when backing out to the the Serenity home screen, as seen below. Are there any logs I can obtain to help with this issue? 




Thanks for the report.  I've fixed the focus issue and Serenity remember where it left off when returning to the screens that are using the new fragments.  The issue was that the screen was being recreated each time, which could cause some extra network requests and other issues to occur.

I have a new version that you can test available on the site, that addresses this issue and a couple of others I found while doing my own testing.

The force closes should be fixed as well.  There were times that the view passed into the Category Selection listener was being set as null, so it was causing some Nullpointers to occur.   Should be working better with the M4 version.



All seems to be working as intended with 1.9.0-M4. I am really liking this intuitive feature and will continue to test this version and all future Serenity developer versions.