10 seconds rewind button is too short



Hi. I use the Plex app on Android to remote control the playback on my Chromecast from a Windows Plex Media Server. Every time I hit the "10 seconds back" button on my phone the Chromecast takes around 4-5 seconds of buffering to start playing again, and in most cases if I was distracted it's usually around 30 seconds or 1 minute, not 10 secs, so if I want to go back 1 minute I have to pay undivided attention to the app for 25 seconds before I lay back an relax. It's so annoying I prefer to try to scroll back using the playhead and maybe go back 2 minutes by mistake (it's not a very precise method).

Can't you just put the standard 30 seconds back button, or maybe a setting to chose how much you want the button to rewind?



I think this is a problem more for the Android/iOS/players forums, but yes I completely agree. The amount to rewind or fastforward should be a customizable option that the user can pick. Maybe 10 seconds works for some people, but I'd prefer 30 seconds back, or 20 seconds forward.

This should be an option that can be saved in each different plex player app as a per-player setting.