16GB - can't add internal storage via USB



So far I've been unable to add any USB external storage (as internal, not removable) AND have Plex Server operate. If I configure Plex Server and then add an external USB drive as internal storage, it will crash and I have to remove the USB and move everything back to the internal 16GB card, then delete the cache/settings and go through the setup again. If I have the USB drive already added to internal storage and then try to configure Plex for the first time, it will crash during setup.

I only have one SSD external drive (with multiple caddies - so the caddy isn't the problem) to test with, but it works with all other computers I own. I'll continue troubleshooting, but any help would be appreciated!


Update - it looks like the issue is with my hard drive and also with needing a reboot after making it the default internal storage. For me, in order for Plex Server to work I have to reboot the Shield before it starts working again - if I don't it will just crash over and over. As for my drive, unless I use an externally powered caddy the drive isn't seen after the Shield goes to sleep. From what I've read on the GeForce Shield board not all drives play nice with the Shield. I'm going to try some different drives and see which, if any, will work after sleep.