2.011 - Auto login last user and skip pin code - "Home" Setup




I noticed that the option "Auto login last user and skip pin code" no longer works properly with version 2.011. Tried in multiple devices (2013 and 2015 models).

I have a "home" setup where the "home" owner has a pin, some members have pin, some others do not have a pin, and there is also a local account without pin.

When this option is NOT enabled, then each time the app starts, it asks to select an account, then everything works fine.

- If the option is enabled then only the home owner can sign in automatically.
- If the last user was a member having a pin, then the app says that it is unable to switch user and that the pin is incorrect. Pressing the enter button a screen appears with an empty box on top (in the place where the name of the account usually appears) and the app is waiting for the pin of the account. The pin of the account is not working again. If I type the pin of the home owner then the app signs the home owner in.
- If the last user was the local account without the pin, then a screen appears with an empty box on top (in the place where the name of the account usually appears) and the app is waiting for a pin of the account. But the account has no pin. I cannot enter any pin code (pressing numeric buttons in the remote does not do anything). There is no way I found to recover after that, only fix is to reinstall the app.

Any ideas ?



Right I’m in the same situation (UE48J6300)


Sorry, if we missed this, but there will be no more updates.
As I announced, this is the final release.


Understood! Thanks for the effort you’ve put through all these years!



This is a bummer. I’ve experienced this same issue. This version essentially hosed the set up and as I understand it I can’t side load the previous version since it’s 2015 (SEK-3500)? Is the best alternative to move away from the smart hub app altogether now?


With this final update, my kids can get access to my profile and watch items they’re not supposed to regardless of what the checkbox setting is set to. Will have to remove the app so no more plex for the kids.


Fix can be downloaded here


The link to the fix isn’t working (not for me anyway).


Hmm, must have messed up with the forum transfer.
Here is the direct link > Plex_2012_06152018.zip


Wonderful - thank you



First, and most importantly, thank you so much for the huge amount of work you have put into this app. It really is a triumph - leaps and bounds ahead of my alternative Tivo version (clunky and sloooow) and even the AppleTV version (comparatively basic).

Second - would there be any opportunity to submit this “final final” bug-fixed version 2.012 to Samsung for general release?

Thanks again,