2 Server Query


Hi all, my setup is fairly straightforward - I have an AsRock deskmini 110 running two 2tb hard drives with Plex loaded on a Centos minimal OS on one of them and the other drive empty bar the VMWare installation. I connect to this via an old LG TV with the Plex app.

Unfortunately I'm running out of space and spanning across two resource pools doesn't seem to be an option so I wondered if I could setup another server on the other hard drive and have one handle movies and the other TV. If I sign in over my home network via the TV would it see a combined server (Movies and TV) or would more config be required? Apologies if I've posted this in the wrong section.


No, you cannot do that. It’s one server per machine, not per hard drive.

If you are running out of space, add another hard drive.

If your question is can I use more than one hard drive with Plex the answer is yes.

If for example you have a Media/Movies folder on SDA and you also have a Media/Movies folder on SDB and they both contain Movie files, then open Plex. Move the mouse over the name of your Movies library and click on … then select Edit.

In the edit dialogue click on add folders. You should see the path to your current Movie folder. EG: sda/Media/Movies

Click on the Browse for media folder button and navigate to sdb/Media/Movies and click OK etc.

Now Plex will read the contents from both paths and it will add any new files to your Movies library from either of the two locations.


Thank you for the response, I think I may have not provided enough information looking at my original post!

The AsRock machine is running a VMWare ESXi hypervisor which watches over the 2x 2TB resource pools (separate hard drives). The first resource pool has the hypervisor and about 1.7TB free space, the second holds my Centos virtual machine with Plex running on it and has almost used the whole resource pool.

So, I wanted to set another Plex system up on another Centos installation on the other resource pool, dividing my media between the two and wanted to know if my TV client would see both servers or I’d have to continually sign in to each depending on what media I want to access.

I can’t add an extra hard drive as the deskmini is at full drive capacity (only two bays).

Thanks for your input so far, and apologies for my muddled post!


If you create another VM with Centos and PMS installed, then no, you should not have do anything on the TV except select the correct server to use.

Just make sure you give each server a unique name so that you can tell which server is on which VM.


Thank you, Andy. I read somewhere that if I sign in as the same Plex account on both systems that the app would combine the content and ‘see’ the two systems as one Plex server to save signing in/out via the app but I’m guessing this isn’t the case?


If you create two servers and both servers are signed into the same account then the Plex app will see both servers.


Thank you very much Andy, really appreciate your help!