32bit PC + Plex + Amazon Alexa - best experience question



I want to use Amazon Alexa to control Plex.
I have a Chromecast Plus but it seems that Amazon Alexa is not supported to control Chromecast.
So I used my Windows Tablet PC as a media server & Player.
I installed Plex server on it and all the movie library is on its disk.
It has HDMI output so I connected directly to my TV.
Since it is 32bit there is no Plex Media Player to run and my only chance is to use Plex Web Media Player on it. Is this correct ?

If yes,
I'd like to run the Chrome (with Plex Web) on the second screen which is connected to HDMI port.
Is there any way to make it so that whenever the PC is started (or restarted) , Chrome opens on this second screen and it is ready to Play movie on demand from Amazon Alexa ?
And can I automate the "full screen" process ?

If no,
what else would you recommend ?



anybody to help please ?