404 not found error code for ubuntu binary image




I've tried installing the latest Ubuntu binary image on a 10.4 lts server vm and the latest 11.xx server vm. These are VmWare VMs, one on my OS X box the other on a remote VM hosted in the cloud. As such I only have CLI access to these servers.

Firing up a web browser and pointing to http://:32400/manage initially gets (permanently) redirected to


which doesn't exist.so you get a 404 not found!!

from the cli on the 10.4 lt machine a wget http://localhost:32400/manage/index.html gets a 404 not found

on the 11.xx server you do seem to get an index.html file back. ( VM at home and I'm not at present)


1). Is there access control stuff that's limiting managment access to localhost?

2). Should I be able to access the management interface from a remote IP address

3). Where do the web pages live.... or are they automagically generated?




Welcome to Plex, Alex.

Those management web pages live in WebManager.bundle. If you're getting a 404 that usually means that the server didn't have permissions to install those bundles (which it comes bundled with) into the appropriate areas. Check for errors in the log, assuming it was able to create one :)