4K HDR on Apple TV



Hi Everyone,

I've seen this question asked but it seems to be a work in progress so I am a little confused what the current state of play is.

I've just bought a 4K HDR TV and obviously I want to use Plex to consume my content because it is the best!

Can you stream 4K HDR Remuxed MKV rips to an Apple TV? I know the apple TV won't natively play MKV files so can it transcode it to an MP4 container on the fly?



The Plex client never transcodes. The Plex server does the transcoding. If the Plex client can Direct Play the particular media there will be no transcoding.


Thanks for the response and that was my question exactly, will Plex transcode the file into a format the Apple TV can play without losing quality and HDR meta data.


Yes, it should transcode from mkv to mp4. But if an audio or video format isn’t supported by tvOS it may convert or break the transcoder.


Does it maintain the HDR info? I tried to use it with my PC which has HDMI 2 on it, I turned HDR on Windows 10 and my TV didn’t pickup the HDR signal the way it does with its built in video app.


Yes it does. Despite reading everywhere it doesn’t, it definitely does. Just beware of using embedded subs like PGS. In my case I extract forced subs to external .srt After that you should be golden.


My question is… What storage option should I use to upgrade to 4-8 TB?

I have been looking through almost all of these threads trying to find someone with my same set up but I can’t seem to find it. I am currently using my very basic HP Pavilion laptop with Intel Core i3 - 500 GB Hard Drive and I stream my movies through the Plex app on Apple TV 4k.
Everything has been seamless for me so far - I mostly download 1080p or 720p but in the future if I get enough storage I would start getting 4k (when I get a 4k tv).

My question is… What storage option should I use to upgrade to 4-8 TB?
I keep reading threads where people say most affordable NAS devices don’t have the processing power but others say that’s all they use. Should I just get an external hard drive and plug it into a computer? Please help! I want suggestions of what to buy for under $300