"Ooops! Looks Like You Still Need To Add Some Content" after exiting Offline Browsing



I have over 100GB of music synced to my Samsung S9+ Android phone for offline use. I entered Offline Browsing mode, then after I went online, none of my synced music shows up. I can find it by searching, but can't browse. I've synced new music since I began having the issue and it hasn't helped.

I bought Plex Pass this past week just for the offline sync feature and I must say I'm very disappointed in the offline features. Sync performance has been abysmal, now this. :/


I've gotten errors like that thrown at me, too, and I just close the app (like, show Recent Apps and swipe it closed) and reopen the app, and that seems to work just fine for me.


My music is showing again, but it wasn't as simple as closing and reopening the app for me. It was some combination of going offline/online, opening/closing the app and restarting my phone multiple times.

Then I ran into yet another bug, the app hung after I used Android Auto/Google assistant to give a voice command to play some music. It was a long, silent drive home.

You wouldn't think that in 2018, it'd be this difficult to command a smartphone to play some music.


This keeps happening and it's really annoying. There's no one thing I can do to make synced music appear again, it just disappears and reappears randomly with no apparent pattern. I hope this gets resolved soon.