A Plex Channel for Comet TV's Live Stream? YES!!!!


Comet TV (a sci fi television channel) streams their content through their website. Is this able to be streamed through a Plex channel?



Since there is no on-demand content and just one live feed, you could use an the IPTV bundle and add that live feed m3u8. You would need to refer to the [REL] IPTV.bundle - plugin that plays IPTV streams from a M3U playlist thread for more information and instructions.


Just as an aside, there is a Kodi channel for Comet TV. I'm not certain if this is of any use to anyone, as I do not know if there is any commonality between Kodi and Plex (both are similar in functionality).

I've looked into the IPTV.bundle; I don't know if I fully have my head wrapped around that particular application. I will read up on it further.


I have the IPTV bundle and I know how to write a .m3u8, but I don't know how to change the http://www.comettv.com/watch-live/ site to only be a .m3u8 and watch just to TV portion.

Any suggestions?


I threw together some lines of code, have a look at this: https://github.com/sander1/Comet.bundle


Works great, thanx


Oh WOW!!! It works PERFECTLY!!!!

I can watch Comet, the BEST cheesy sci fi movie station EVER!!!! Tank Girl is on right now, hahahahah

Heaven...I'm in heaven :)

Just a note: when dropping the bundle into your plugins folder, don't forget to trim off everything after "bundle" in the folder name. Took me a moment to figure out why it wasn't working.


Seriously, the live stream of Comet TV is a WONDERFUL addition to my plex channel.

The really cool thing about the online live stream is that the commercials are gone (that is why you see the spinning "we'll be right back" sign at times). But you still get all the fantastic trailers for upcoming movies and shows (and those are half the fun!!!)

This is THE thing for Plex if you're a sci fi nerd like me :)


For cheesy sci fi viewer, like myself, I suggest you checkout the Channelpear Plex bundle too.


@nickm11 said:
For cheesy sci fi viewer, like myself, I suggest you checkout the Channelpear Plex bundle too.

I have Channelpear, but have not had much success with it; most of the channels do not work or the audio is out of sync. Am I missing some good channels? If I am, I'd love to add them. Otherwise, many channels like SyFy and Ion don't work for me.


@sander1 Comet TV channel seems to be broken. :confused:
Get a Playback Error across all platforms… Plex Web, Plex for iOS, Plex for Roku, Plex for Samsung.
Comet TV website works but maybe something changed.
Would appreciate it if you could look at it when you get a chance.


Channel fixed! However, the streams are no longer available for me in my location :frowning:



Do I smell a new entry to UAS here?