A problem has been detected with a core component of Plex Media Server.



I’ve been running plex on my Drobo5N for a while, recently i was having trouble with the dashboards in plex. after much attempts to fix, i decided to reinstall all my plex files. after uninstall and reinstall i’m running into the an issue that says

“A problem has been detected with a core component of Plex Media Server.
Please visit the forums and provide your logs, as described here .”

i get the above message after the “Please wait a moment while Plex starts” message.

forums link brings me here
here link takes me to a 404 page (https://support.plex.tv/hc/en-us/articles/200250417-log-file-locations)

when i try to add a folder for tv or movies i get a “Your changes could not be saved.” message and i cant seem to add the folder

anyone else have this issue? please help and thank you in advance.

see attached for images.


This error arises if the agents fail to start or are too slow starting up
See if the problem clears up after reboot / restart

A zip of the logs would help - together with screenshot showing error and time of error

The Logs and Logs\PMS Plugin Logs are below the Plex Media Server directory
See https://support.plex.tv/articles/202915258-where-is-the-plex-media-server-data-directory-located/

The issue with links to articles giving an error is being looked into


so... the problem kinda just fixed itself. after all the failed attempts last night. i completely removed plex and shut down the drobo and went to bed. today after work, i reinstalled plex and everything seems to be working fine now

thanks for your reply @sa2000