A script that Improves discoverability in Plex using the "recently added movies" tab.


Hi, I'd like to "advertise" my script that I made. I really think some of you guys could enjoy it. especially for those plexers with large libraries. I've recently made it compatable with Windows and MAC OS. I think, I'd like someone to test the script on those systems. I know for a fact it works great on my Ubuntu system. just download the script and run it with python3 in a command window for instructions of how to set up the config file.

Git-Hub Repository: https://github.com/KBlixt/PlexDBI

I've completed an easily installed python script for linux users can run on python3. Windows can also join in if they download and run it with python 3.6.5. I'm not sure about other platforms like FreeNAS or UNraid. but in theory, if they have python3 support it should be able to run this script.

the result of this script is a home screen with the three to seven of most recent movie releases scrolling from the left followed by a random "old but gold" movie (10< year old and a critic score of 8 or more). then if you have an TMDB api key in your config file you get a random movie with a fairly low tmdb popularity score in order to possibly provide a movie you haven't seen yet? and lastly we have the complete random which is at every party, (sometimes they provide excellent entertainment though).

If you are on Ubuntu you are two bash commands and skip away from enjoying this brand new experience. read more in the repository. just go to the rep and follow the install instructions!

for people worried about messing with the database, I can absolutely understand that worry. but I've been running this script for a day straight now every 10 minutes with all kind of script mishaps that I've fixed and so far plex is running like never before. although, optimistic caution is advised and backing up the database would prudent if you allready aren't.

despite it's name which is short for "Plex Database Improver" this script only mainly edits one metadata category which have been horribly underused namely the "added_at" meta data entry. This is the entry that records when you added anything into your library. more importantly it's responsible for the "recently added movies" tab which we see scrolling on the main page in our faces on every app and client across the ecosystem. by manipulating this metadata we can in short take controll over the recent added movie scroller! huraah!

The potential behind this is endless and is the key to unlocking media discoverability on Plex! the buzzword all big media companies uses and tries to improve. I like discoverability, I like browsing random shit that some algorithm though I'd like. Because more often than not, it is pretty good. even the most primitive algorithms is miles better than nothing.

have a good one plexers!

I'm still debating the name

PS: If you run it on Windows or MAC, please let me know how it worked out.