Ability to switch between Version 1 Theme and Version 2 Theme (UI)?




Is it possible to allow users to switch between the original PMP version 1 user interface, and the version 2 user interface? I think this would be awesome as I prefer the UI of PMP version 1 over the second version for right now.

V2 seems too bright and takes a few too many clicks to get to where I need too. Hope the developers can chime in and see if this could be accomplished somehow? Thanks!


Checked out V2 with PMP on windows and now with WebOS3. I am totally unhappy with the new UI. Bright and ugly. Looks like an Xbox, not a media player, and Xbox doesn’t even look like that anymore because it was a bad UI design. Most of the people out there are not gamers so why design after them.

Navigation is difficult when you have more than the default libraries of Movies, TV, & Video. Add in Seasonal Movies Seasonal TV and other libraries and it becomes a mess. Always starts in the first library for a media type, nothing like seeing Xmas movies from the get-go.

Oh and the big point, anyone else tries to use it (G/F, kids, mother, or grandmother) they get upset and drag me into to find their movie. I turned it off after a few minutes.