AC3 5.1 sound



I have various files that show in plex as being AC3 5.1 sound some play the sound the others don't
also 1 with DTS 5.1 plays video only
any help?


What is your playback device?


this is related to my roku
firestick doesnt seem to have the same problem


What I'm asking is what is your Roku hooked up to? A TV? Receiver?


hooked into non smart tv into hdmi socket


What codecs does your TV support? Not all TVs support DTS. If your particular TV doesn't support it, make sure that your Roku's audio setting aren't set to passthrough DTS. For most TVs, the Roku audio setting should just be set to Dolby Digital (not DTS, and not Dolby Digital +).

There are also some fringe cases where the TV doesn't support AC3 streams of 640kbps. I have one TV that will play AC3 streams of 384kbps...but not 640kbps. To test this theory, look at the Media Info for a file through the plex-web interface. Try a couple of ones with 384kbps AC3 and see if they play. Similarly, try a couple that are 640kbps. If the 384kbps files will play, and the 640kbps won''s likely that your TV is the culprit. In that case, you'll have to set your TV to stereo only. The server will downmix all 5.1 audio streams in this case...but at least they'll play.


its a samsung tv both ac3 streams show as 384kbs and still 1 will play sound the other wont
tried all available audio settings on the roku stick
flummexd now


why would it be then that all the files that won’t play audio on the roku will play them on the firestick
both plugged into the same tv?
not changed any settings on any of the plex apps


I have the same problem on my Android TV. Can someone PLEASE help me…

When it’s DD etc, you only hear the sound, but you can not get any picture.
When i lower the quality I get both sound and image but the sound is lowered to PCM on my amplifier

I’m running via the app on my Philips 65pus8601 which has the latest android version.
I have pass through on auto and audio quality on original.

Is this something you can solve yourself or do they need to improve the app ?!
Seems like this problem has existed throughout 2016 and 2017, but it never gets resolved it seems like?

I apologize for my rusty English. But I hope you understand me anyway.