Accessing data (library, stats) for Plex (server on iMac) from Power BI (separate machine: Windows)



Hi. Absolutely no idea where to begin posting this or how to even ask my question efficiently but I KNOW that this has to be possible... I'm wanting to teach myself Power BI (and Tableaux eventually) and use data that interests me and is live. I've got a Plex server set up on the family iMac (which I rarely use) and have the app installed on a laptop (and several other places) that I'm using for work related activity. I'd like to just use my Plex library and stats as the data source as I learn these tools. I've looked and seen that others have done this but do not see anything on how to connect to the server from another machine. Has anyone done this?

I'm willing to take my lumps for a stupid/redundant question, btw. As long as I can get a little closer to my goal. Thanks in advance!