Add a second server




First of all, thanks for helping. My situation is the following:

We have two computers at home and an Apple TV4. I’m currently using Plex on Apple TV with my MacBook as server using a my user (let’s call it User1). I’m gonna be away for a couple of months so I want her to be able to watch our TV shows and movies, so I have created her a new user (Let’s call it User2) and trying to create a new server. I did that and I’m getting this on the Apple TV:

I guess this happens because her server is her User2 and the Apple Tv is logged in with User1, correct? Ok, now I have logged with User1 (my user) in her computer to try to create a server and I get this:

I’m lost right now, may I have help here, please?



did you "claim" your 2nd server and associate it with your Plex account?


How do I do that? Do I need to be Plex Pass? Thanks!


No, if you login to the Plex Web UI, it should give you a notice that there is an unclaimed Server on your network, and you can click a button to "claim" it.


Oh thanks, I'll try it when I get back home this weekend. Thanks!


Do I have to be logged in, in the other computer with the same Plex user?


Login to the plex web interface on a computer on the same network as your second server


I can't see that notice. Thing is, my girlfriend's computer is logged in with her Plex user. When I acces Plex on the Apple TV, I get the first screenshot.


Solved! I had to invite myself from her user.



Can you translate that for me?


Nothing, just solved it, thanks.