Add music plugins?



So… music libraries are great and all… but there are also music (or podcast, or other audio-only) channels that we’ve added to our Plex servers… any chance of being able to use those through Sonos too at some point?


I’d love to be able to play podcasts from plex on sonos!


Podcasts are now a definite need. I’m so happy that they’re finally available through Plex… download to my phone, play through any Plex client anywhere, and keep track of what I’ve listened to, no matter where I’ve listened to it! This is definitely something that needs to be available through Sonos!!

Even if the “plugins” (formerly channels) functionality originally asked for doesn’t make it, Podcasts now is a must-have!


So Podcasts have found their way to Sonos… my listening with Sonos and Plex is almost perfect now… just need support for music plugins now!

There’s a music service (actually a group of them) that I have a Plex plugin installed for, and I’d love to be able to use it on Sonos, since I can only otherwise access that group of services by manually adding their stations to my Sonos system.

Please make this happen!! :slight_smile:


Hi @virgiliomi, how do you setup Sonos to show plex podcasts? I’ve added to plex to my Sonos system, but just get the message “no available plex media server has music libraries. Please create a music library.” I don’t use plex for music as I use Apple Music, so don’t have a music library on my plex server. To access podcasts, do you know if this is a requirement? Thanks for any help you can give.


Figured it out for anyone who may need help in the future. I just added one track to a music library and then it allowed me to search podcasts in Sonos.


We just pushed a fix to address this @k_t_lloyd