Adding A Network Folder On A Different Server



I have my Plex Media Server set up on it’s own separate FreeNAS machine on my network. I’ve saved movies and TV shows to that. I also have a separate OpenMediaVault server on the network that is specifically set up for music. Any computer can run itunes (or whatever) and the music library is on that server.

What I’d like to do is set up Plex music and have it access the music server’s storage, ie. not have to copy all my music over to the Plex server. I figured enabling network discovery would help, but I still can’t seem to make it happen.

My search-foo has come up lacking. Any suggestions are appreciated.


Map the network music storage as a drive letter on your Plex machine or try adding a music library using \MUSICSERVER\Music as a directory. Have not tried a network share personally and not at a computer at this time to test using one with a library.


Thanks for the reply. No luck trying to add the network location via \MUSICSERVER\Music as a directory. And, if there is a way to map the folder as a drive letter, I can’t figure it out.


Sorry should be two backslashes in front of MUSICSERVER. Apparently the markup removed one of them. Mapping drive in Windows File Explorer.



I’m using FreeNAS, not windows for my Plex. I was able to map it to my desktop PC though. Now, I need to figure out how to do this so my FreeNAS machine can see it.


Hey guys, the above mapping of the network drive worked for me and able to was able to bring my content online. Thanks!!


Is your Plex on a windows machine?