Adding atsc tuner to pms


So I am looking to add a tuner to my PMS to record OTA, and I was looking at either the Hauppauge WinTV-duo USB or the quad card. What I don't see described anywhere is how I am supposed to control the tuner. The server & tuner are hidden in a closet. Once the tuner is installed, I'd expect that the plex client apps on my TV, phone, etc to show some tuner controls on screen to allow me to change channels, set recording schedules, etc. I do NOT expect to have the server sitting in front of me to do any of those things. Am I OK on this?


Yes, that is how this works. Setup and scheduling is done in the web app, which runs on any computer in the network.
Take note that DVR and Live related features are not yet supported in all clients.


Do any of the recommended tuners also include a pre-amp? I don’t see it mentioned by either Hauppauge or SD. My concern is that with my current antenna (2-way split), some of my broadcast channels are already weak. Without an amp those signals may be too weak after a 4 or 8-way split.


Not that I know of.

The better way would be to get a different antenna with a higher gain.
OR you buy a separate amplifier.