adding plex media server as a dlna server in Kodi



Hi all, I want to keep it simple and not download the plex add on or any of that. I just simply want to add plex media server as a dlna server in Kodi and browse my movies. It doesn't sound difficult, and I was under the impression that the steps in this short video would be EXACTLY how you do it:

However when I get to the folder breakdown of photos, music, video. I can't open up any of the folders and view my movies. So I end up being able to add plex as a dlna server, but I can't browse anything. Any ideas?


I think an easier way would be to just add your network location and add your credentials instead of adding a UPnP device.


so basically my server's IP address with :32400 added to it, and then do I need to add login information?


If you go to settings, media, library, videos, scroll down to add videos, browse, add network location. Add the name of your server and the name of the shared folder. Add the username that you use to get on the device and the password. Once you do that you should be able to tell Kodi what that media is ( Video, Audio, Pictures ) and it will scan it and add it to your Movies section.

BTW were not talking about the plex server, we are talking about the device that the plex server is running on.


So this has been working for me just fine in Kodi until yesterday... I come here and read that this is affecting users since a few updates back, and low and behold I updated the plex server when I re did my system. ;-( The plex addon for the fire stick has never worked properly any way and now I am Kinda fed up now with Plex and am just going to use Kodi in its pure form since plex has gotten away from its user friendliness.