Advertise As Server



Hello All,

I am trying to advertise my android device as a server and I've enabled the options under Settings -> System.

I primarily want to access the Android server on Plex PS4 but possibly other Plex apps as well.

My issue is that the Android Server is not showing up anywhere.
Both apps (PS4 and Android) are updated and are the latest versions.

Please help.


Having the same issue as well.. It used to work on the same hardware a long time ago same phone, router and pc but different plex server and player versions.
It used to show up as offline when my phone wasn't connected on the same network which is what I expect to see at least but now it doesn't show up at all.


I am also experiencing this issue and have been for some time. I used to be able to select my Android device as a plex server on all my other devices (android tv, MacOS running Plex Media Player, etc). Now I am having to “cast” video from my android device TO the other devices. I primarily do this while travelling. I have a 128GB SD card in my Galaxy S8 and travel with about 100GB of movies and TV shows. Having to cast is an ok work around, but I’d love to see this fixed.


I have been having the same issue. I couldn’t even cast my synced content on my phone to my Android tablet. I did get it to work now but it required an extra step. If I enable “Advertise as Server” on my phone and then I press the cast button and connect to my tablet then I can go to my tablet and browse the synced content synched to my phone. As soon as I stop casting on my phone to my tablet my phone shows as offline to my tablet in the “Locations” dialogue. It’s like the Advertise as Server doesn’t really work until I specifically tell my phone to cast to my tablet. For some reason this is a bit intermittent, as I mentioned that I could not even cast to me tablet earlier. It is working at the moment.

Note, when I do play content synched to my phone on my tablet, Plexpy does not show it as playing, not does Trakt, since technically the server is my phone. Oddly enough, if I browse media synced to my phone and play it on my phone, Plexpy and Trakt register the play, even though technically the server is still my phone.

Plex is definitely doing some screwy things with synced content lately.


I have this issue as well. It seems to be OS related because I can successfully use the “advertise as server” function on my tablet running Android 5.1.1. when trying the same with my Pixel running Android 8.1.0.


Having this issue as well, both android devices are showing in the new app but show as offline and then in bracket “needs update”. Both devices are running the latest app.

Both are on the same WiFi. Very frustrating.