Aeon Nox 5.3.2 UK BBFC Content Rating Icons



I've just updated to Rasplex 1.7.1 and Aeon Nox 5.3.2.

With my previous install (v. 5.2.3) I was able to edit the textures.xbt file to include the UK BBFC content ratings icons.

However, v. 5.3.2 has overwritten these changes (as I expected it would).

While I've been able to decompress the xbt file, and find the locations to add the icons, I can't re-compress the file. TextureTool won't do this under my Win 10 installations.

This means that all of my content now shows up as NR, which is incredibly annoying!

My questions is this:

Is there another way to intergrate the UK BBFC content ratings icons without the xbt file?


Additionally, I’ve put the content rating icons onto my server, and they show up fine via the Plex web app. They don’t appear on openPHT on Windows 10.


Send me the icons, I’ll add them in. I’ve recently switched to a more complex way of handling the media flags, that produces better visual results – the scaling in OpenPHT (or Kodi for that matter) for skinning stuff is not great, so now I have a separate repo for the master images which I run through some bash scripts to prescale all the flags ahead of time. Additionally, the flags are all also separated into “colour” and “white” folders as well.

I’ve wanted to add ratings flags for other countries – but the naming schema for the flags for Plex is different from Kodi, and I don’t know how they show up in PMS for other countries. I already have flags for the British stuff, just send me a screenshot of Plex Web with the filters tab open with the content rating filter selected (showing all the ratings). Like this:

Send me the above two screenshots (one for Movies and one for TV) for your Plex Web, and I’ll put the UK ratings into Nox.


I’m aiming for a Christmas Day release of Aeon Nox 5.4.0, so if you can get those images to me soon, I can include them in that release.


I’ve only just seen your reply, as I’ve been so busy! Hope I’ve got to you in time!

The UK ratings are as follows:


I used to put them in a self-created gb folder under mpaa-flags on previous versions.

For some reason when I click attach image/file, nothing happens. I’ll try on my other PC in a minute and hopefully have better luck.


Here you go:

(Note that the gb/R18 and gb/E ratings don’t appear in my movies as I don’t have anything rated as such in that library.)

The TV library shows exactly the same options, so I’ll save a bit of server space and skip a screenshot.

Here are the icons:

Thanks for being so swift to respond on this! It’ll be nice to easily see what rating our movies have again (even if I have to wait till after Christmas because of the delay in my response!)

Thanks MagnumDoomguy :smiley:


Just FYI the icons I’ve attached above do have transparent backgrounds, although if you right click and ‘view image’ in a browser they show as a white background.


I’ve added the images [although used the ones from Kodi Nox] (along with a few other countries ratings – including my own) to the images repo. They’ll be in the next update.


Excellent! Thank you!

I’ve just taken a look at the GitHub page, and it seems the Kodi Nox ones omit the R18 and E flags, which I know will be important to our libraries here in the UK. The E one is used quite regularly for concerts and R18 is for adult content.

Could you possibly add these as well please?




Thank you so much! It’ll be great to have the correct icons back again.


No problem. Not sure when it’ll be released (have to delay it from a Christmas Day release, as it’s dependent on some stuff in OpenPHT 1.7.2, which has been delayed a little), but it will be soon.


No worries. I’ll keep an eye on it and install as soon as it’s released!