Aeon Nox 5 Installation Instructions



First, if you haven't already you need to install OpenPHT.

With OpenPHT installed, you can automatically install Aeon Nox 5 just by selecting the skin itself, OpenPHT will handle the download and installation for you.

More details are available here:


I have checked the hidden files and folders option in Windows 7, but I cannot find any Plex Home Theatre folder under my Roaming folder. It's not there.

Please help. Thanks in advance.


If you have OpenPHT installed (instead of PHT), the folder is named

A second method to reach the 'Roaming' folder (without activating 'Show hidden folders' in the explorer properties) is this:

mark the following string with your mouse and copy it onto the clipboard (CTRL+C):
open a Windows file explorer window (Win+E) and paste (CTRL+V) the content of the clipboard into the address bar, then press Enter.


Thanks for the reply, but no OpenPHT folder either in Roaming.

I have Plex Media Server


The skin is not for 'Plex Media Server'.
It is for 'Plex Home Theater'. Which is a client.
And needs to be installed separately if you want to use it.


Ah, forgive me please. Thank you.

If I download the Home Theatre client to my laptop, would any new skin show on PLEX for PS3 which is what I am currently running on a SMART TV?


No. the skin only works within Plex Home Theater. It has nothing to do with the other clients.


Thank you.


Easy way to open the app data folder:

Press "Windows-Key + R" -> Write "%APPDATA%" -> press Enter.


Does it matter that for me Plex wasn't in Roaming, but in Local? I've always wanted to try these skins out.


If you're running OpenPHT (no reason not to on a Windows machine) the folder will be "OpenPHT" under roaming. A "Plex" folder under Local -- sounds like the old PMC to me (I know it wrote files there).


Nope, no OpenPHT folder, either. Plex's settings had it move to local, I can change it to Roaming and cut/paste the folder over to Roaming if it'll help.

One thing I don't understand, once I've extracted Aeon into the addon folder (it didn't have one, had to make it), is it supposed to show up automatically somewhere in the Plex folder? Also, mine says Plex Media Server, not Theater. I can't find a folder called Theater, is that something I need downloaded as well or is that just the name of the Roku program?

EDIT: For what it's worth I've been using Plex Classic on Roku, but I have both versions installed in my Roku I just seldom use the newer version.


@kinvore :
Skins only work on Plex Home Theater / OpenPHT
not on Roku, nor on Plex Web
If you don't have Plex Home Theater installed, they are of no use for you.


Do I need Plex Pass for it to work or is part of the package? I paid the $5 for Plex, just need to know if there's any additional charge. Installing it now so I guess I'll find out soon enough. ;)

Thanks for the help! Hopefully this works, Aeon looks awesome and I hope i can get that to work as well after I've installed this. :P


No plex pass required to use OpenPHT or Aeon Nox. Both are free and open source.


Sorry but one more quick question. I have 2 monitors (2nd one is technically a TV, very nice picture and far bigger than my monitor). Anyway, trying to set up so that Theater only sends video through the HDMI cable but keeps the audio processing in the computer itself. I'm a bit confused by the side-by-side arrows, what do they mean when you highlight one versus the other. Hopefully I'll have this working soon, it looks beautiful.

BTW I installed the Aeon Nox folder into the addons folder (for Theater this time), but even after restarting PHT the only option it offers me for skins is Plex. I'm going to try restarting my comp and see if that helps but figured I'd ask just in case I'm missing something else. Thanks again for your help.

EDIT: nevermind I figured out the audio, had to change it to analog, booo! ;) still working on the skin, restarting soon.


I got the Aeon to work as well. It turns out you don't just unzip the entire contents into the addon folder, you have to get out the skin.aeon.nox.5 folder and put THAT in the addon folder to get it working. All good now, thanks again for your help.


Glad you got it working!


May I make a suggestion or ask if you're able to make this thread a sticky so it stays pinned to the top of the topic list? It may help new users with the installation and upgrade processes. When I was looking to install it, this thread was 14th down from the top past 3 other threads about upgrading. I don't know how Plex has their forums set up if they give the OP the ability to pin threads inside of topics or not but it would really add to the plugins "ease of use" appeal. Especially if more development is planned, it would make the overall experience more user friendly.

Thanks for your efforts, it looks great!


Sadly I have no admin rights in the Aeon Nox area of the forums, so I can't pin anything (would love to).

For newer versions of OpenPHT the manual installation process is now obsolete. From OpenPHT 1.6 onwards, it will download and install the skins for you, and inform you when there are updates.