AFTV skipping whole episode from the "continue watching" section



I've been having an odd issue for a few months now and was curious if anybody else is seeing this and its happening across all of my firetv's.

When I start to play something (tv or movie) it plays for about 1 second and then skips to the end (thinking it finished the episode and is moving on to the next one). I have to back out or go to that previous episode and then it will play correctly. I was looking through the logs but dont see anything pertaining to playback on the clients but I probably just don't know where to be looking to see what the error is that is causing it to skip the entire episode.


Don’t fear, you’re not alone, there’s like 20 threads on this. The solution is to rollback to 6.12 by sideloading it until they fix it in the current branch.

Playback stops after 1-2sec - plays next item