AirPlay from Plex on iOS 11 Broken



I updated my iPhone to iOS 11 today, and find that my offline videos in the Plex app can no longer AirPlay to the Apple TV!

Is anyone experiencing the same thing? This wasn’t happening on the Plex app in iOS 10.3.3 two days ago :(


Same issue here. I updated my iPhone to iOS 11 and I am now unable to airplay videos stored on my plex server from the phone to my Apple TV 3rd Gen.


Any news about this? I have the same situation as benoitguy.


Samesies. Imagine we’ll have to wait for an app update


Without a Plex subscription the app wont stream for longer than 1 minute. Normally (iOS 10) it was possible to stream videos for an unlimitted time, and only playing the video directly on the iOS device was limited to 1 minute. Now even streaming is limited to 1 minute. (Tested on iOS 11 on an iPhone 6).


Same here: iPhone6s with iOS11 trying to Airplay to an Apple TV 3 (1080p) :(


Airplay has changed in iOS11 … it’s now AirPlay2 - though the changes should only affect streaming audio to devices (ANY devices) in your home. Did you update your AppleTV 1080p to iOS11? I don’t know if AirPlay2 would affect how the Plex App streams videos.


Apple TV 3 last software update is 7.2.2, don’t think got an update with iOS11. Anyway I can airplay apps like youtube as always so it’s plex trouble...


Broken for me too, Apple TV 3rd gen air playing from iPhone running iOS 11. Luckly my iPad is still on iOS 9 so that works still.


Broken for me as well.


I’m having the same issue. Tweeted Plex and all they do is say to post here about it.. How exactly will that help ?


It won’t… will it @elan? It only helps when @elan notices several hundred posts on a thread here…on a weekend that they dropped a notice about a privacy policy change!
Sorry for that. But I had to say it.
We have been dealing with iOS and tvOS issues for months and no one has fixed them. But they DID add photos and live tv to Plex!
I’ve been asking for “shared playlists” for EVER! But all they do is say “Suggest it in the forums!”


I have a plex pass so I should have all features available.
My Apple TV is a 3rd Gen model with the latest firmware available (7.2.2)
When I play a video on my phone and try to airplay it to the Apple TV it just displays a static frame and refuses to play further. These videos are mkv files with an ac3 5.1 sound track and a h264 video track.

Some videos play correctly the only difference in the format is that the sound track is in stereo aac.

Maybe something with the sound track?


After some test I found that I have problem only on items with AC3/DTS 5.1 Soundtrack


Hello guys,

this seems to be an issue on the server side, related to the iOS 11 playback issue we managed to workaround from our app.

The server already has the fix, but it won't be released until October. Aside from that, we need to remove that workaround from the iOS app for versions of the server including that fix (I'm working on that as we speak).

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Same issue here for over a week. Any estimate on a time frame for the server update?


If everything goes well it should be around 11th October for both client and server. Both are being tested as we speak.


Good thing I didn't update all my IOS devices.


An update on the AppleTV 3 with videos with AC3 audio streams: it seems our fix wasn't enough. We're still working on it and will release a fix as soon as we have it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Arrgghhhh!! I initially got Plex to play through Airplay by mirroring my iOS device a week ago. Then Apple released 11.0.2. Now all I get is the orange circle of death! What is going on?