Album Art on 2.007




Just upgraded to 2.007

All is good, except when I filter music by album I'm now getting the Artist's picture displayed on each album instead of the album cover art. Makes picking the right album a bit trickier!

Fix would be appreciated :)


Hmm, you are right, that looks like a bug to me.


Thanks for checking, Orca, glad it’s not just me!

Looking forward to a fix in 2.008 :wink:



I have Plex 2.13.0 and iTunes on Mac OS X 10.9.5 and the same problem appeared.
Has there been a fix for this bug yet?


Seeing this problem on all my Samsung smart TVs following the update. Toggling the display mode with the blue button brings up a list that does have the associated album art displayed but its a long list!!
Hope to see this resolved soon.