Alex Behaviours - Open Source?



Any change of open sourcing the AlexaBehaviours?

I would love to try and get ChromeCast integration working with Alexa and ChromeCast as all my playback is done either via a CC device or a PS4. I never play straight on a mobile device or PMP.

Is there an API one could use to control streaming to CC? or am I going to have to Wireshark the network to see what commands your are sending and hack it?



From what I've read, there is no integration between Alexa and the Chromecast because of the Amazon vs Google feud.


Yeah, but the Plex Media Server can control a CC.. so if the PMS would expose some API's or you could use a CC SDK to setup the CC for casting from your PMS and then control it through PMS that would be awesome. That would work, although you would probably have to run some of the actual controlling code locally on your network. Which could be called by the new PMS webhooks..

Just spit balling, but I think it could be done.



I would be very interested in your results as I can't Wireshark myself (not in the US or UK)

I would expect that Alexa simply uses Plex Companion,if advertised correctly. See e.g. Here: