Alexa Ask Plex to play......



Why does plex only play Library Radio when I ask Alexa to play music? and how do I change what Plex plays for Library radio? very frustrating.....


I’m confused by your question. Library Radio just means from a particular library. It is the default that playing a random song will start a Library Radio. You can not specifically tell Alexa what to play, that’s the idea behind the radio feature, it’s just taken out of your library. You can skip to the “next” song.


ok, I have an audiobook library and a music library. when I ask Alexa to play music she plays only my Audiobooks. how do I fix this?


What are you asking exactly? Alexa will try to match your request with PMS and will then playback whatever PMS returns. Remember, right now you can only specify an artist, album, or track. You cannot combine them and ask for a specific track from a specific artist.


I’m just playing with the Alexa app and considering whether to buy one. And I think I’ve experienced the same issue. I have two “Music” libraries. One with audiobooks and the other with music. The Alexa skill only seems to look in the first one (audiobooks) can’t find the albums or artists I’ve asked for a defaults to “library radio” playing random audiobooks.

Any way to tell it which Music library to look at?