Alexa cannot find my Samsung TV as a player



Just linked my Plex and Alexa accounts, but despite playing a movie on my tv, Alexa cannot find my compatible Samsung TV (Samsung Smart Hub) as a player with the command 'Alexa, change my default player'...
other commands work, 'what is on deck' etc, so i know it is connected, so i cannot get anything to play via Alexa on my TV.

Any ideas?



Sorry I don't have an answer for you other than its most likely your TV as I have an LG WebOs 3.0 and while it works for the most part I frequently have to sing out and relink the TV because Alexa cant find it... Pain in the Butt. I have asked about it and other things here but never get a straight answer or no answer at all.


@antonykenwright Currently only the Samsung year model 2015 running the HUB (Orca) third party 2.008 version works

I have a 2014 Samsung which does not work and a newer Tizen 2016 model which also does not work.

According to Orca the pre- 2015 is ready and just waiting on Samsung to release the 2.008 version to public but the newer Tizen models there is no official update on timeline from Plex.

Hopefully this will get updated soon so its supported on more players.