Alexa Echo Playback (Plex Skill) Audio stops after 30 seconds or so on Echo, and Multipl Dots.



Anyone else have this issue? NEVER works on the Echo for more than 30 seconds. I can usually get a DOT to work for a song, although it fails the same as the Echo sometimes. 4 DOTS and an Echo with this problem. "Ask Plex to play Black Sabbath" results in this. Tested MULTIPLE streams in different rooms and that results in major failure every time.

Changing player results in crashes and reports to "plex".

This plex skill is more BETA in my experience so far. VERY irritating and disappointing. I really think more effort needs to be made to issue a complete feature! First to market with garbage is not a goal anyone should be attempting. First to market with quality is.


I have the same issue although I can say "Alexa continue" but is really annoying. Any fixes we can try?


Yep I get exactly the same. Ask Plex to play a song/album from my media server and my Echo plays about 15 seconds or so then stops. can continue the song or say "Alexa Next" and it will play the next song but always only plays first 15 seconds then stops. Very annoying as I ordered my Amazon Echo on Prime Sameday just to use the Plex Skill for xmas time when the family are over.


I have a similar situation. I have both an Amazon Echo and and Echo Dot, both latest versions with current software. The Amazon Echo consistently only plays for a few seconds and stops, saying "Alexa Resume" will allow the track to continue to the end, however, if this is a playlist it will not continue to the next track without saying "Alexa Next". It will then follow the same pattern.

The Echo Dot, on the other hand, consistently works as expected.

Both of these devices are on the same network and attached to the same Plex Server version

Any thoughts on how to debug or resolve would be appreciated,


Basic same problem i posted pic and logs here still no answer to why this happens.


I opened a ticket through Amazon support. I will post back if I get anywhere


If your library is MP3 only (no FLAC or lossless formats) it works for me! Transcoding makes it cut off apparently…


I have only MP3. I think they might have fixed it. The Nightwish album I was trying to play would play about 30s of any song when I posted my comment above. The other day I tested again and it worked.