Alexa sees player but doesn’t send commands




I just started using Alexa with Plex and everything works great on the echo itself. However if I ask Alexa “Alexa Tell Plex to play X on player 1” it registers successfully but music never starts.

If I try to change my default player, the list Alexa gives me includes the player I want to control. But if I set my default player to that player, then play music it starts on the Echo.

Any ideas?


I should have mentioned that the player is Plex Media Player v2.9 on windows and that the iOS remote works fine to remotely control it.


I have had some mild success with this… if set my default player to ‘TV’ and then ask Alexa to play a movie or TV show, it successfully starts on the TV player. Amazing!

However if I ask Alexa to play any type of Music, it will play on the Echo not on the TV player regardless of what I do. I’ve tried asking “Alex, Tell Plex to play Adele on player 1/TV” but it results in nothing happening.

Also Play/Pause/Resume etc work locally but not on the ‘TV’ player.

Does anyone know the secret sauce phrase to use to get these commands working?


Bump… any ideas on how to get music playing on another player anyone?