Alexa Skill will not work



It just says "ohoh something went wrong" when I try to do anything with it.


When was the last time you used the skill? I'm not seeing any logs to indicate your user has used it. That leads me to believe this may be a problem with Amazon. What country is your Amazon account set to?


I have attempted to use it sporadically over the past few weeks. I'll try now (10:40-11:00 uk time) so you have an exact reference to look for. My Amazon account is UK. I've spoken with Amazon and after 2 weeks I haven't been able to speak to anyone that has helped. Update the unit seems to be as far as they are willing to advise.


I am able to change my player and server (although the server she reports back sounds incorrect but that could be just her text to speech) but attempting to open Plex or ask plex to play anything results in "oh oh something went wrong"


The correct server and player are set and it is accepting voice commands in the sense that it knows the details of these from my Plex account but still unable to play or open Plex.


Looks like you have a custom domain set up for access but the cert is mismatching so AVS is refusing to connect. What's your network setup like?


Plex is running on a QNAP NAS server. The domain is a dynamic DNS name provided by QNAP I think the cert is generatd by the NAS. External connectivity is set by a port forward on port 32400.


Can you advise what is being 'miss-matched' in the certificate? The cert is issued by let's Encrypt and it is issued for the custom domain name of the server...


I think I need to export the lets encrypt cert from the server and import it into Plex but I'm struggling with the path to use. It would be useful if the fields in Plex were replaced by a certificate import function to upload the file rather than referencing the files via a path.


I can't seem to get this working...


I can see that the certificate being issued is Plex' cert and not one from my server. Why is this?


Certificate imported. Found this article:


I've opened a ticket internally so we can provide meaningful feedback in situations like this.


I'm getting a similar problem, although I can't even get Plex to choose the server, it just tells me "Something went wrong" everytime.


Watching this thread with interest, as I had the same issue with a custom certificate imported. Once I remove it, the Plex skill works correctly. @vastinator, is the plan to follow up here once you have information? Not to sound smug, but it sounds like an internal ticket isn't helpful to your users at all.


I've since returned my Alexa. Plex control was pretty much the only thing I wanted it for and the integration just isn't there yet.