All my Playlists on my iOS Devices are missing!



I have a two iPhones and two three iPads in my family. A couple of days ago I noticed that when I select Playlists on any of them, there are none present, the screen showing "No Playlists" and encouraging me to buy a Plex Pass, something I have had for a year or so now. All the media is still present and when I look at the Sync options, all my playlists are still present, I just can't navigate to them through the Browse option on the home screen. Any ideas? I have not made any recent changes. And as far as I can see, I am logged in as me and my Plex Pass is paid up.


This might be the same problem I’m experiencing which, I have posted at where all of my Plex playlist(s) is missing from all my idevices.


I'm having the same problem. All the music is on the device in the music library but the playlists are gone.


Same problem here... On all devices, music is synchronised, but no playlist is shown... Plex app deleted and new installed, same problem


The 'disappearing playlists' problem seemingly introduced by iOS 4.16.1 is now being reported on several threads on this forum. Are any Plex admins going to respond any time soon?


I have the same issue, whats going on , there was an update recently but It was not fixed.


This is marked as 'Answered', how is that? Have I missed something? It's still broken for me.


Fixed now for me, I assume a new update fixed the issue about a week ago. Now playback on my iPhone is back to unlicensed mode, playing just a minute of each track despite me being fully paid up. I'd love to love Plex, but we seem to lurch from one bug to another.