Amazon Echo+Chromecast Audio+Plex = Pretty awesome



I took my Echo Dot and plugged it into my stereo and used My Media for Alexa to play my local music on my stereo.

But I wanted to put my Echo back on my desk and have something else play the music and just use the Echo to control it.

I had a Chromecast Audio and a Plex server.

So I decided to have some fun.

I installed the Plex skill for Alexa and linked it to my account. I then launched Plex Web, and connected to my Chromecast Audio and was able to use voice command to play music on my stereo from Plex Web using the Chromecast Audio. As long as I leave Chrome running with Plex Web on it, I'm able to play any album, artist or song I want. I didn't try genres yet.

Color me impressed....


yup works great for audio.... not as much for videos right now


Is this still possible with the newer ability to play directly out of the Echo? I keep attempting to control another player with my Echo but it only allows me to play the music out of the Echo itself. This is even though when I ask Alexa to change my player it says there is only one player (the Chrome session that is being casted), and says it will make it the default. Subsequent requests to change songs, etc, just play out of the Echo itself.


How do I get it to play directly out of the Echo? When I ask it to play music, it tells me none of my Plex players are running.


Is your server fully up to date? This is fairly new. It is frustrating though; I ultimately want the functionality that you have instead of what I have.