Amazon Echo does not play music tracks to end



My Amazon Echo will play music to me external players without an issue. However, when I play music through the Amazon Echo's own speakers each track stops playing after 90 - 120 seconds into the track. It then starts playing the next track and the same thing happens.

How do I stop is happening?


How are you playing it via the echo speaker? As far as I know that is not possible?!?!

Edit - Sorry just learned this functionality was just released.


What version of PMS are you running? What format are your files in? I saw this happening while transcoding FLAC on an internal test build of PMS but was never able to reproduce it on something publicly available.


I am running PMS on a qnap NAS. The files are MP3.


I’ve filed an issue and will look at this soon.


We’ve deployed a hotfix that hopefully addresses this issue. Please let me know if it persists


I have managed to play one track to the end but most still cut off at some point during the track.

However, the situations has become worse as now the next track in the album now does not start to play - just one track is played and then playback stops.


I’m seeing a specific error message that Amazon is sending to our skill in the logs for your user: error [PLAYBACK_FAILED] ERROR: MEDIA_ERROR_UNKNOWN MESSAGE: Player error occurred:$InvalidResponseCodeException: Response code: 404

This looks to be an internal error with the Alexa player itself. Can you repro and then pull a log dump from PMS?

Please DM the log dump to me.


Attached is a log.

I have just played 2 tracks - one played through but then didnt play the next track. The second stopped part way through and again no further tracks were played.

Thanks for your help.


I have somewhat similar experience where I ask echo to ask plex to play music by artist X and it plays no problem.

After a track or a few (seems random) the music playback stops. I wasn’t paying close attention so not sure if it was middle of song or not but music playback stops.

I can say “Echo Next” or “Echo Last” and it will resume playback as if someone paused the playback?!?!

In the Alexa App you cant Pause or really even see anything playing on the dot so not like its being stopped from that side.

Again I am playing music by an artist, not a playlist or specific song


Having a same type of problem. I tell echo to play album all songs are mp3. About 15 songs in album. It will only play maybe two of the songs the just stop. Any idea whats go9ing on? Like in my post “” before the fix to play through echo speaker it always played the whole album though the windows plex player. But now its only just playing like two songs of the album then just stopping. I could sen you the logs but not sure what log you want. Any Idea whats causing this? Going to try un linking plex skill and re linking to see if that helps at all. will let you know if that helps at all.
Hey just un linked plex skill deleted all echo voice recordings for echo and re installed the plex skill. Seems to have fixed part of the issue 4 of the songs.

Update… No it has not quite fixed the issue. It still sometimes stops and does not play all the songs in the album. Weird. not sure why its doing this. Also seems to freeze and get stuck on a song and says its playing but is not. to un stick i have to request a different song then stop for it to get unstuck. Hope they figure out whats going on.


I pushed another set of fixes out to the cluster this afternoon. Based on your logs you sent over the transcode session is idling out so PMS just kills the transcode. When AVS attempts to get the next segment it’s then throwing the 404 I linked earlier. I believe I’ve narrowed in on why it’s happening and I’ve out one of those fixes in this set i just pushed. Please continue using music and report back with another log dump if it happens again.


Well just check it again told echo to play REO… It did play all six songs in the album. Wonders why the status show it like it played some twice it only play each one once. But at least it played them all.

Looks weird but at least it is playing all the songs in that album. So things getting better thanks.


I think the duplicates are a bug on the AVS side where it tells our skill twice that things just started playing so we end up sending 2 timeline events. I’ll look at mitigating. I’m glad your files played properly. Start a new thread if it happens again. Thanks for the logs, those were helpful in digging in to this. I was never able to repro on my own machine.


@vanstinator just wondering if there is an update regarding the logs I sent on 17th November, as requested.

Alexa still will not play more than a partial track before it randomly pauses.


@vanstinator I tried installing a second Plex Media Server on my laptop with just a few albums in the library.

The result remained the same - started to play a track and stopped/paused during the playback of the track.

Are there any updates/fixes forthcoming. It appears that a number of people are having issues with playback on the Amazaon Echos and Dots.


Hi, I have the exact same problem.

Plex sw ver
Amazon Echo Plus sw ver 592452320


@gtph Hi - there appears to be a number of people experiencing problems with playback. For some it starts and stops mid track, for others it does not start playback at all.

I too am using the latest versions of Plex Media Server ( and my device is a 2nd Gen Echo sw ver 595459620.

vanstinator appeared to have an idea what the issue was and asked me to send logs. However, he has been very quiet for the last week. I am hoping a fix will soon be available.


I am experiencing the EXACT same problem. but so far, it seems to be limited to the Amazon Echo SHOW (model with screen). I can go play playlists from Plex on my Echo Dots and regular Echo all day long it seems, but I can Reproduce Every Time playing a playlist on the Echo Show and it just stops less than 30 seconds into the first song of every playlist.

i’m a Plex Pass member running Server version


I’m affected as well. Latest Plex server and Echo Plus. It plays around 1-3 minutes (sometimes even 5-6, but never longer), then stops. It can play the next track, if asked. The problem seems to be quite widespread. Would be great to hear something from the developers. Does anyone need any logs or additional information?