Amazon Echo Plex skill and FLAC



I have a playlist setup that contains mostly flac files. When playing it on an Echo, it will play the first song in the playlist and then stop about 2 minutes into the song. In the Plex console, I can see the status that it's converting the file, then at some point during playback, it goes away. I saw other posts, but couldn't tell what the resolution was.


I’m not sure if this was the proper fix, but I found this error in the Plex Media Server logs:
Mar 13, 2018 10:20:46.487 [2432] ERROR - Error parsing allowedNetworks ‘ 100’: Invalid Netmask 100

In PMS, I went to Settings -> Server -> Network
I updated the field ‘List of IP addresses and networks that are allowed without auth’ to:

You can probably use the appropriate IP and netmask for your network. For example, I use 10.0.0.x for my network, but you may use 192.168.0.x or something.

After making that change, it works like a charm!


Sorry… it’s still not working. Here is the error that I get in the logs:

Mar 13, 2018 11:01:13.747 [15664] ERROR - Transcoder: Failed to delete session directory (boost::filesystem::remove: The system cannot find the file specified: “C:…\Plex Media Server\Cache\Transcode\Sessions\plex-transcode-c856e839-013d-49ba-81f2-bd8522a22835-853fe9c5-2725-48fe-89f7-0818361724a1\media-00078.ts”)

I see the directory and files are there for a few moments and then get deleted prior to this error.