Amazon Fire TV stick with Alexa and Plex integration




I am trying to get my new Amazon Fire TV stick with Alexa working with Plex so that I have voice control. So far:

  1. I have the latest PMS running;
  2. I have Plex app running on Fire TV;
  3. I can play media on Fire TV via Plex without problem.

However, when I use the Fire TV remote to "Ask Plex to change my player", I receive the message that no player can be detected and a "card" added to my Alexa app about "Connecting To Your Plex Player (Plex Companion)".

As far as I can see I have done everything that I am supposed to. Am I missing something?



Alexa not seeing all available players seem to be a common problem. It doesn’t see the player on my Samsung Smart TV. It would be nice if Plex would reply to these posts with a reason and a solution. I definitely will not be buying the premium version unless/untill they fix the issues and offer better support.


You guys could use Kodi with PlexKodiConnect, which does fully support Alexa. See


I cannot get it to work at all