amazon firetv and fire stick don`t see the plex server



PMS on my thecus n5550




my Problem since yesterday evening.


My Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick do not found the plex Server

Over Windows Phone App and Internet Explorer and the Windows 8 App i can connect to the Server


I only connect in my lan, i don`t use the plex online Feature!


So DLNA is turn off and the gdm is turn on.


By the way @ yesterday morning i can find my Server and view my Content, @evening plex Server not found but i don`t Change Settings?


Anyone an idea or is this a bug in the andriod app ( Amazon fire tv and stick )


Is there a Workaround?


Thank you


Same thing happened to my Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.  I factory reset one of them thinking it was something with the AFTV, but now I'm thinking it's an update somewhere.  Any other devices (IOS, Windows, Mac) connect to my Plex server just fine.  I'm running Plex Server on Windows for what it's worth on v2.4.9


Me too, same time-frame.  Did you contact Amazon? 


Ok, you need to go to your server and sign in (don't need a plex pass but do need a free plex account) and then go to your fire stick/fire tv and sign in on them and like magic.... <_<


Why do we need to sign into the plex account. I have the same issue as the OP. All my other devices, Google TV, Roku, android tablet, phones, ipad, iphone all work without having to sign in. Fire TV is the ONLY one that can't see my server.


I am having the same issue. Did anyone figure out a fix?


Do you need a Plex pass to have a Plex on your server and your Plex TV fire stick?


No. One must be certain the ports are open if a firewall is in use.