Android App no longer casting to chromecast audio speaker



Hi all,

Am hoping someone can help me. I have setup a Plex server (plex pass license) on my local network, which is also accessible over the WAN, and have setup managed users for the kids to use Plex. I can use the Android app to play music and videos from the server without issue, however I am unable to cast audio from the app to my LG Music Flow (CCA) speaker, annoyingly this did used to work - but can't remember when it stopped, it may have been when I added managed accounts.

I am able to see the speaker in the app, however when I tap it to connect we just get the connecting "spinner" and eventually it gives up saying "unable to connect to ". I also have the BBC radio app which is able to connect to the speaker and play audio without any issues - so I'm pretty sure that the problem is with the plex app or a setup issue on our server.

I have the most up-to-date version of the Android app & of the server

Can anyone suggest things to try,


is anyone able to help?


Typically the only issue I have ever seen with chromecast is when a secure connection is required vs preferred to the server but I believe that had been resolved around 1.9 of server