Android app takes a long time to load landing screen after starting



In the last couple weeks the Android client has gotten incredibly slow to start. I thought at first it was just broken, but finally waited it out, and eventually the landing page comes up. It just takes an extremely long time after I select the user, until the landing page gets shown - on the order of 45 seconds or more.

There isn't a lot of data activity, and my phone is very fast (Moto Z force), so this is not a performance problem. While the app is trying to start, it seems to be consuming a ton of resources on my phone because it's otherwise very slow.

My connection to the server is direct.




Hi, I was having the same issue for the last few weeks until I finally got annoyed enough to look into it. I resolved it by going to Android Settings -> Apps -> Plex -> Storage -> Clear Data. Then, once I re-opened the app and logged in, the long loading delay was gone.

Hope this helps.


Worked perfectly! Thank you!


Having this issue as well on my S8+ and while this solution does work, shortly there after this problem re-surfaces again.

This issue needs to be addressed


Agreed. This solution is temporary. Having the same issue on Moto Z2 Force. Android 7.1.1. Latest Plex app, and Plex Pass subscriber.
What's the deal? Thought this would have been fixed by now...


I have a Moto Z force on 7.1.1 also, with loads of storage resources, and it's been a continuous issue for me, too. It seems to generate a lot of network traffic on startup, though being on a fast network doesn't seem to affect the lag. Unless I'm going to watch a movie that's been downloaded to my phone, using the web client is better, which seems absurd.

It's unfortunate that Plex takes such a dim view of bug reporting and customer support generally, there's really no way to get any information or track issues. I love the software, but their approach to interacting with their customers is terrible. If nobody happens to reply to a problem report and engage here, which is most of the time, you just have no way to know whether it's even been noticed, will ever be addressed, or really anything about it.


This is pretty annoying and it has been happening for months now. Is it going to be fixed? Or just ignored as usual?


Same problem, same solution


Same problem, also a Moto Z (not Force, in my case), will try Clear Data and see if it helps.


2018 has come: Same problem


Is anyone at Plex looking into this?


Does this occur for all Android users? Any way to let devs know how widespread this is? Non Plex devotees think this is a killer bug.


Is this affecting all Android users? Non Plex heads think this is a killer bug. Any way to know if devs hear us?

Sorry for the double.


It's happened to me for years on several phones. It's not a complete deal killer, but it's incredibly annoying.

Plex has terrible customer support. They hardly ever respond to bug reports, so you have no idea if anyone's even seen it or are working on it. It discourages reporting problems since it feels like a waste of time. Theres absolutely no sense that anyone at Plex knows or cares about what their customers want, since this forum is largely a one way street. The only way I've ever gotten a response from a Plex employee is to post comments on their blog, but even then I've never gotten satisfactory answers just "I'll look into it". It's rare to see any interaction from engineers about problem reports.

I love the server product itself, there's nothing comparable. But if anyone comes up with something that can complete featurewise, and actually interacts with their paying customers too, I'm outta here.


Thanks for the solution. It did work. My wife was not so happy about having to log in after clearing data, so we'll see if she keeps using the app.


This is getting a little frustrating now... getting regular updates to the app on my Android phone but no comment or fix for this issue.


same anoying problem and since there doesn't seem to be anybody willing to fix it, i'm looking for alternatives to plex. All suggestions welcome.


+1. Bloody annoying


Yup this has been happening to me for months. Takes about 15 seconds to load and always throws me back to my Home even if I had left off in one of libraries. It's incredibly annoying.


Android keeps thinking the app crashed everytime it loads, sad to see no one has an answer for this. Oneplus 3 and 3t both experiencing on 8.0 and 8.1 android