Android Sync Issues



I've been struggling for the past 3-4 days attempting to get about 200+ music videos (1080p format but not huge files) synced to my Shield K1 Tablet. If I try to select multiple files (anywhere from 5 or so and up), the sync process becomes very unreliable. The sync will get stuck "Waiting to download from server", or gets stuck at 50% download, etc. I then have to kill the app and start it again - sometimes it will resume correctly, other times it starts downloading the files again, etc.

What I have found that is 100% successful is selecting a single file (I'm pushing from the server to the tablet), waiting for it to complete completely, then doing the next file.

Just wondering what the status is of getting this resolved? I've read other posts about users having lots of sync issues lately.


The other thing I've noticed is that the amount of space as reported on the Sync screen will fluctuate from ~15GB up to 27GB for no apparent reason. Also, when it gets stuck "Updating Information", my tablet will get really warm, almost like the processor is stuck in some loop and running really fast...


Adding more details to this (in the hopes that this helps the Plex team)...I was syncing video files one-at-a-time without issues. Space was showing ~12GB available. Now I just tried to sync another video file, it downloaded, then got stuck "Updating information" and is showing 27GB available.

I had to Force Stop the app (since it will stay stuck Updating forever and kill the battery). When I restarted, now Plex says "No synced items" (but on the bottom there were synced items listed). After it sat for a couple of minutes it refreshed and is now back to 12GB available.


I am also facing this issue. Hoping to resurrect this thread for some attention.