Android TV Plex App on Sony Bravia displays gray bars in HDR



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I have been using the Plex app on my new XBR65X900E and it's been doing great, but I recently tried my first movie with HDR and it produces gray bars once HDR10 kicks in. Here is a link to two pictures I took.

I read that this once happened on the Amazon Android TV app but they fixed it. Is anyone else having this issue and is there any fix coming down the pipeline for this?

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Unfortunately, I'm having the same issue on a XBR65X930D, and XBR65X900C ... both are running Plex


I'm having the same problem. I have the 930e. The grey bars make it unwatchable.


metoo -> sony X930E -> grey bars


No solutions?


does not look good :frowning:


Any news on this ? It is NOT fixed in the latest release ( 6.13.6 )


I’m Also having this issue on my Sony XBR65X900E with the latest release ( 6.13.6 ). If needed i did provide logs attached on this post.


Would you be able to grab some logs and a sample that has the issue? On the devices we have tested HDR has been working perfectly, sad to hear you’re having issues!


Was my log file not helpful? I can provide more if needed.


If i use the plex dlna server and play the files with the android tv apps i get the following results.

VLC = grey bars

kodi = black bars
sonys built in player = black bars

and obviously grey bars using plex app

this has been a problem since atleast april 2017 from what i have read.

there is a thread about it on the sony forums here

Surely if kodi can display black bars then plex can too.

I think im taking my xe9305 back anyway and swapping it for a lg e7 so wont affect me much longer, but im quite shocked this has been a problem for atleast 8 months.


I tried manually installing the latest nightly of kodi v18 on my xe9305 tonight and…

the latest nightly displayed grey bars :’(

i read somewhere that kodi v18 had black bars so i went through loads of the recent nightlys until i found a version with black bars. link is below.

so this one from 20th January 2018 works great with lovely BLACK bars.

the one from 21st January 2018 does NOT work and anything after this up to the latest nightly also does NOT work, they all display grey bars.

Maybe this will help someone at plex, fix the grey bars in the plex app ?


Using Plex for the first time. I also have the grey bars on my 65X930e. Any update? The bars are annoying and ruin the viewing experience. Plex via my Xbox One X on the same tv produces black bars but sadly it has issues playing 4k videos and no HDR.


btw, is there no way for me to edit posts on here?


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btw, is there no way for me to edit posts on here?

Hit the gear icon at the top right of your post.


I got no gear icon visible anywhere.


I changed browsers (from Firefox to Edge) and I now have a gear icon. I’m really starting to loathe Firefox lately, nothing but problems in so many regards. Thanks for the reply. Now back to this gray bar issue…


Ok, suddenly the gear icon is showing in Firefox. Did someone on mods end push a button or something, I’m so confused.


Here is a new log playing two different files. The first file is 3840x2160 and it has black bars. The second file is 3840x1600 with gray bars. then i play the first file again.


I’m using Firefox, and I have the gear icon. It looks like this: